SK8easy by mickpark


Makes skateboard parts of your life.
Friendly to human & nature.
Also has a valuable design.
SK8easy was born for grown-ups with strong passion for skateboarding.




Rolling Slow

Have the same feelings while on a skateboard as if you`re on a surfboard.
Ride skateboard on the fresh wood with bare foot.
With a little push,cruise smoothly without limits on a native wood that catches messages

from the ground directly to the rider.
You would be amazed with this new sensation, but for some reason it makes you feel nostalgic.
After you skate with SK8easy skateboard, you will become part of the skateboarding lifestyle.


You can store it in the 'House*' to complete a perfect art work.
Your favorite skateboards will create blissful moments while looking at the beautiful art work.

*:What skateboard hanger® 'House' is, all this time, people disposed exterior frames,

but with SK8easy skateboards, it`ll complete it`s art work.

A work of art, you can enjoy.










Rolling Slow






*スケートボードハンガー「HOUSE」とは、今まで処分されていた外枠にart workを施し、

スケートボードを外枠内に収納することにより、1つのart work(mickparkの写真)として鑑賞できるハンガーです。

実用新案登録済 【登録第3191499号】

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